Saturday, 2 April 2011

Moving Forward

I am sitting here not having been out for a run since the ACP last Sunday. I am suffering from a severe case of the DOMS and my left ankle has swollen up to the size of a tennis ball. It looks like it is getting better so I hope to be back running next week.

Thinking about my performance at the ACP, I have now had time to reflect on what I need to do to improve my performance in the 100k World Championships in September, namely:

Strength: I was seriously flagging at the 60k mark and went from 2nd to 6th place.I believe that some of this is due to lack of strength in my legs. I will therefore focus on longer runs at the weekend (around the 5 hr mark on average) as well as spending more time training in the gym with particular focus on calf and ankle strength.

Pace: You live and you learn and one thing that is telling with my running is my lack of control over pace. I usually get carried away and shoot off at the beginning usually paying for it later on in the race. Therefore pacing (with and without GPS) will be a key area I will be focusing on.

Listen to experience: The guys in the Irish team have warned me about trying to race the London Marathon. The LM is in 2 weeks and I have entered the Championship stage. I will use it as a training run rather than race to avoid any tendons going snap. This will be a good test to see if I can control myself and not get carried away with myself...

What Next? I am hoping I will be selected to represent Ireland in the World Trail Championships in July in Connemara, Ireland. Home advantage! I am looking forward to getting my Talons back on and hitting the trail as trail running is really my thing. The more technical the trail is, the better.

I have entered the Brecon Beacons Ultra in May which is a 40 miler around the Brecons which will prove to be a good practice race for the Worlds. In addition I will spending a lot of my time at the weekends around the South Downs focusing on hill training and technical running, perhaps throwing in a couple of trail marathon /ultras to provide a little variety in the training. If anyone knows of some good trail marathons / ultras in June please let me know.

In short, my training will essentially be trail up until July (should I be selected for the Worlds) and then I will hit the roads to prepare for the World 100k in September. After this, I hope to get back on the trail to prepare for the Nepal 100k.

Well that's my plan anyway!


  1. Hi Daniel, well done on your performance at ACP last weekend. Hope the ankle heals quickly. Do you know what the selection criteria is for the World Trail Champs. The Mourne Way Ultra and Marathon are on the 11th of June. Would that suit? Looks like its gonna be a cracker!

  2. Hi Paul,thanks for your message. The selection criteria for the Irish team is here You may also want to drop a note under the "contact us" part of the webpage and introduce yourself. Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look at those events. All the best with your training. Dan

  3. Moving Forward - try green knee socks. Seriously, very impressed with your efforts - don't be so hard on your ankles and stop racing at the start - remember it's a marathon not a sprint ;) take care, Agent S.

  4. Good work Dan hope the ankle gets better soon. I've had 2 months off with a fractured foot bone, trying to get back in training for the classic 1/4 in June, fancy that? I'll be up for a few runs on the SD so I'll be in touch. Warwick