Friday, 1 October 2010

Which month is it?

So I am back in the city of Delhi and had the awful experience of running on this kind of machine called a dreadmill or treadmill or something. Jesus! I was running on that thing for 45 mins non stop at what felt like at least a 6mm pace - yet at the end it told me I only knocked out about 9.5k. That said, I was in a very dodgy looking Delhi gym with machines that looked like they were made during the war - but there is something very wrong with those stats.

I have experienced this in U.K gyms as well and have received similar complaints from other runners who destroyed themselves on the dreadmill only to be told that they have completed a couple of km. What is it with those things?

I will be flying back to the U.K and can't wait to get back into my normal weekly training. India has certainly provided me with a good workout and although I have only managed between 55 to 60 miles during each week, those runs have been in temperatures of around 37 degrees. I have actually boiled my skin using my own sweat - I look like I have leprosy. It has been a new experience and I hope to be able to take something away from it. There are plenty of ultras that call out to me (Badwater and Jungle Marathon to name two) which are set in extremely hot or humid locations, so hopefully the past couple of weeks have given me a little taster of what to expect.

I am limited to my iPad at the moment so I will provide a final version of the running in India blog and add some additional material, photos and experiences once I am back in the U.K.

On a final note, thanks to Warwick for pointing out that I probably meant 'September' rather than 'October' in my running blog! It seems like I am in a different time zone and month!!!!!

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